D.I.F.Y series – Episode 1 – Where it all began

This is my first episode of a series I’m calling Do It For Yourself. This will focus on any of the DIY I do/attempt in my own home. I hope this may help give you hints and tips in your own homes.

It all started when my personal life decided to take a different course, and all of a sudden I was on my own. As I had fought to keep the house and it was now officially mine, I wanted to put my stamp on the place. I decided my first project of ‘project house’ was the shed.


When one of my friends decided to put one of her feet through the rotten wooden floor covered in patches of old lino, it made me realise it was only going to be a matter of time before the whole lot would fall down from a slight breeze, or from the torrential rain that we all know from living in the UK.

So, for my birthday, at the ripe old age of 33 I asked for a shed, (I know how grown up of me). My dad helped me search for a few online. I think I could probably count myself as an expert in the field of shed searching. Whether it was to be a pent or apex roof, how many windows I needed, what size or material I wanted it made of (I know it’s gripping stuff). I have spoken to my neighbours about their metal sheds and ruled them out as they had problems with stuff in the shed getting sweaty and full of condensation. So I went back to the traditional wooden shed. I’d had an 8×6 before but we agreed on a 7×5. We chose a day when we were both free and I also was able to rope in my sister’s boyfriend to help tear down the old shed. It didn’t take much persuading to come down.

I got a company based in Pudsey to come and pick up the old timber and old paint. They did it all for £60. It was soooo much cheaper than hiring a skip.

The following weekend the new shed arrived. It came in parts so I helped my dad as he fixed it all together while my mum kept us fed and hydrated.


I had a theme in mind with my new shed. I wanted it to be my beach hut. So I wanted it to be a different colour to the normal shed colours you can get. We painted the inside white, (the main reason was so I could see if there were spiders, but it also brightened up the inside). I also painted the beams across the same colour as the outside.


Cuprinol have a great colour range of paints. After much deliberation and standing in B&Q staring at paint I went with Seagrass. I used Colours Premium matt kitchen paint in antique white inside the shed. It is moisture, grease and stain resistant so that’s why I chose it, and it was cheaper.

The last finishing touches were the flooring and the blind. My dad got some tongue and groove wooden flooring to make the floor stronger, then he was able to source a cut off of lino just the right size to cover the floor which will make it easier to wipe down if needed.

inside shed

My finishing touch was the blind. I found some material of beach huts online and knew it would be perfect for my shed. I bought some velcro which I then sewed on to the top and bottom with one half of the velcro, once I’d cut out the right size of material. I then stuck the other half to the top and bottom of the window frame. It is still there over a year later.


It took about 3 months for me to complete the shed, with work and other commitments. Overall it came out as well as I’d hoped with thanks to my dad’s skills and my little finishing touches.

My little beach hut in the suburbs.


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